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#2723: Voices of Women in Brooklyn, NY

From: Carolle Charles <Carolle_Charles@baruch.cuny.edu>


CONTACT: Wendy Sealey
TEL: 718-250-0291
FAX: 718-935-0342

BROOKLYN, New York February 28, 2000


To celebrate Women's History Month, SIMBI ART & STONE and DWA FANM are
sponsoring an exhibition and art auction featuring four Haitian women
artists; Vladimir Cybil, Yolene Legrand, Regine Leys, and Michele Marcelin
from March 17th through April 15th 2000.  The opening reception and art
auction will be on Sunday, March 19th, from 3pm to 6pm.  DWA FANM is a New
York based Haitian women's rights organization that promotes Haitian
women's rights in Haiti and abroad.  DWA FANM collaborates with other
groups to promote their cause.

The proceeds from the art auction will benefit the work of FAVILEK (Women
stand up), a Haitian women's theater group created by victims of the 91 -
94 coup.  FAVILEK is currently producing a play entitled "The Effects of
the Coup" in memory of the victims of the coup d'etat of September 30, 1991.  
Historically, Haitian women have borne the responsibilities of maintaining
the household, child-rearing, education and finances.  Their work outside
the household has also been crucial to the Haitian economy. During the
coup, women were often the first victims of violence.  They were
specifically targeted by perpetrators of the coup and were beaten and raped
as part of systematic terror tactics.  Through the work of FAVILEK, some of
these victims are now using their voices to speak out about the injustices
that were inflicted upon them.


The artists featured in this show represent a new generation of Haitian
women who are independent, successful, and recognized internationally for
their talents.  They are not remaining silent to the plight of women in
Haiti and are gathering their talents for a unique show to support FAVILEK
and DWA FANM.  Coming from diverse backgrounds within the Haitian culture
and working in different approaches, they share a common interest in the
cause of Haitian women.

Vladimir Cybil mixed-media work provides the fertile ground for the
resurrection of feminine voices and stories long ago silenced within and
outside of Haiti. Yolene Legrand's style is realistic with clean, orderly
brush strokes.  Many of her paintings reflect the very vibrant colors of
Haiti and also beautifully executed New York landscapes. Regine Leys'
sophisticatedly rendered mixed-media pieces are encoded with symbols and
images of social significance that artfully comment on the ills of
oppression, political injustice and economic poverty endemic in our
cultures. Michele Marcelin creates powerful works that reflect her intense
personal creative process.  Her paintings are both visually and viscerally
compelling.  Marcelin follows the lead of her materials and describes her
work as a duet between the artist and her medium. 

The opening reception and art auction will be on Sunday, March 19th, from
 3pm to 6pm.
Simbi Art and Stone is located at 759 Fulton Street (between So. Oxford St.
So. Portland St.), in Brooklyn.  Take LIRR, 2,3,4,5,B,M,N,Q,R to Atlantic
Avenue. C Train to Lafayette Avenue.

CONTACT: Ulky Saint-Vil	 	or  	Wendy Sealey		
SIMBI ART & STONE				TEL: 718-250-0291
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