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#2727: Exhibition Barbara Bussell

From: Bourbon <bourbon@haitiworld.com>

                                                    BARBARA BUSSELL 
                                               HAITI Beyond Myths and 
                                                      February 25, 2000

The Galerie Borbon-Lally, Petionville Haiti,  the opening of its first 
solo exhibition of photographs by Aspen resident photographer Barbara 
Bussell. The exhibition,
titled HAITI Beyond Myths and Illusions will consist of 25, 16X20 inch 
silver gelatin prints. The images were take during 10 trips to Haiti 
between 1994 and 1999.

Bussellare a powerful yet sensitive personal portrayal from a fine 
artistThe photographs are often quite intimate encounters depicting 
scenes such as dripping figures in trance emerging from a sacred pond of 
thick mud during a Vodou
ritual and dancer-musicians at Rara, a wild and celebratory street parade 
during Lent when all the usual Vodou ceremonies are suspended. 

Busselllow-key contact with her subjects patiently waiting in 
anticipation for all the essential elements of light, composition, 
emotion and action to converge for that elusive
instant of the great shot. 

Barbara Bussell received a B.A. from Colorado State University, Fort 
Collins. Her photographs are represented in the permanent collection of 
the Denver Art
Museum, the collection of President Rene Preval of Haiti and in many 
private collections in the United States.