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#2730: Fwd: FW: Military influence on Haitian Conflict resolution (fwd)

From: merrie archer <merriea@yahoo.com>

Dear Corbetters:

I am forwarding a message from a Canadian military officer who spent a short time in Haiti with
the UN mission advance team and then UNMIH.  He is attempting some scholarly research on the
effects of the military in conflict resolution.  I've already given him my earful, but I thought
it might be useful for him to hear it from you as well.  Please reply to Marc directly at

Thank you.

> Hi Merrie, 
> This is Major Marc Desjardins.  I was in Haiti with you during the period
> from Oct 94 till July 95.  How are you?  Haydee told me you got married.
> Congratulations!  Me just the opposite.  Anyway, I am presently in Toronto
> at The Canadian Forces College.  I am getting educated (that's what they
> tell us...) 
> On a serious note, I am working on a major paper for the course and the
> topic is: "Military role in the progression of the conflict resolution in
> Haiti. " 
> As part of my paper, I want to plot the changing involvement of the military
> over time, and relate it directly to the degree of physical violence
> (beatings, arrests, deaths, etc). To see if their presence was beneficial
> and if their departure was done at the right time for example. 
> I want to cover the period when the UN was involved (1994-1999) using a
> monthly or quarterly increments.  I have approached the UN HQ in NY for
> crime/violence stats with no results yet.  I think I can get the military
> strength without too much problem but a quantitative measure of the level of
> violence, I need help.  I know I can qualitatively discuss it based on the
> Secretary-General reports but violence stats in order to establish a
> credible trend would be so important for my argument. 
> As I was talking to Haydee, she mentioned that you might be able to help me.
> Am I barking at the wrong tree?  If so, do you have any lead? 
> I thank you for your assistance. 
> Hugs 
> Marc Desjardins 
> (416) 952-1927 
> desjardins@cfc.dnd.ca 
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