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#2735: Haitian folk song lyrics (fwd)

From: Alice Eddie Backer <edback50@yahoo.com>

I'm looking for the complete lyrics to the following
Haitian folk songs:
 Wangol-o wale (kile wa vini wem anko)
 Fey o (sove lavi mwen)

 Ezili (yon sel ti pitit mwen genyen)
 Also, does anybody have/know where I could get the
following tapes/cds:
 An album by a swedish choir called Simbi of Haitian
 folk songs (The ezili song referred to above should
 be on that album) 
 Carole Demesmin's album "Lawouze".
 Any recording of the Choeur Simidor
 Would really appreciate it if a fellow Corbetter
 would help me in this serach.
 Brooklyn, NY

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