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#2738: Cornerstone Ministries Text (fwd)


For those who have been unable to access the site, here is the text of the 
page in question:

Breatkthrough in Haiti!!
Our good brother in the Lord, Rev. Gerry Seale, General Secretary of the 
Evangelical Association of the Caribbean, sends us the following information, 
good news from the battlefield! 
While attending the Promise Keepers historic rally in Washington D.C. in 
early October, I shared a room with Bishop Joel Jeune. He shared with me then 
the details of an event held in Haiti in August 1997. I found his report 
exciting. Through the good offices of missionary David Schmidt in Haiti I 
have been able to obtain a written copy of Joel's report and I reproduce this 
below in Joel's own words.
 I am so glad to report the glorious victory the Lord gave us over the devil 
on August 14, 1997, how satan's kingdom has been demolished and Haiti taken 
back for God. The whole country is shaken, the government and US Embassy 
shocked but forced to officially accept, recognise, and declare our victory 
over the devil's kingdom.

The slaves brought from Africa went through many, many years of so much cruel 
treatment and atrocious sufferings from the slave masters in complicity with 
the Catholic Church who blessed the slave market and thought that black was 
the colour of the devil, therefore black slaves didn't have a soul. That 
terrible situation caused the slaves to turn away from our loving God in 
heaven to their tribal gods of Africa for help. On August 14, 1791 a leader 
named Boukman called for a secret meeting with many other slaves in a forest 
called Bois-Caiman near Cap-Haitian where they had a satanic ceremony, killed 
a pig, and drank the blood, swearing and dedicating Haiti to serve the devil. 
All Haitian historians believe and teach that Haiti's independence in 1804 
came from that satanic ceremony.

For 206 years Bois-Caiman has been a very sacred high place for the devil 
where no one could ever set foot, except the witch doctors when having voodoo 
services. Every year for 206 years on August 14 all the witch doctors would 
meet there to offer sacrifices to the devil. In 1991 the government renewed 
that contract with the devil. As we can all see the Pearl of the Antilles had 
become a land of great suffering, misery, political tensions, and 
instability. But God heard the prayers of His children.

The Lord spoke clearly to me as well as many other Haitian leaders such as 
Paul and Gerald Clerie of Vision:Haiti, and others for mobilisation to take 
back the land for God. Haitian Christian leaders all over Haiti as well as in 
Florida, New York, Canada, France, and in all big Haitian communities around 
the world, and Christians of other nationalities, were mobilised to get 
together wherever they were on August 14, 1997 to fast and intensely pray to 
claim Haiti back for God while the holy invasion took place on the devil's 
territory in Bois-Caiman. So in all the cities, villages, mountains of Haiti, 
and in the Haitian diaspora a day of fasting, prayer, victory marches in the 
streets, and a big crusade went on all day from 6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. while 
the holy invasion was taking place on that devil-ground in Haiti.

My Church group and I started in front of the Presidential Palace, rebuked 
all the evil spirits around there and then traveled six hours to the very 
area and spot where the satanic ceremony was held by Boukman 206 years ago. 
Many weeks before we went there I wrote to the government and to all the 
media. The invasion was well advertised. We were told that the witch doctors 
were going to be there as usual every year, but when we arrived they all went 
into hiding. They could not come face-to-face with the Christians. As we 
approached that satanic field where no Christian has ever before been, it was 
not easy for us. The power of witchcraft was so strong and the air so heavy. 
As we pushed our way towards that big tree where the pig had been slain, we 
really had to be violent in the Spirit, praying, rebuking, fighting, and 
casting out the devil and all his spirits. The battle raged until we broke 
into a Jericho March seven times around that big witchcraft tree . . . and . 
. . at the seventh time we all felt that the heavy power of the devil had 
been lifted and God gave many people a vision of the devil flying and leaving 
that place. Joyful noises and victory shouts went up to God as we rejoiced 
over God's victory.

We took communion together and applied the blood of Jesus to the land under 
that same tree where the blood of the pig had been shed. We canceled the 
satanic contract and broke the curse. We consecrated the place to Jesus 
Christ as a prayer centre, claimed Haiti back to God forever, and claimed 
August 14 as a National Day of Prayer. After the day of fasting, prayer, 
marching, and the big crusade with many thousands attending and many 
decisions for Christ (including some of the witch doctors) we went back to 
Port-au-Prince rejoicing.

Three days after our holy invasion, the witch doctors gathered in that same 
place to call on the spirits and to offer sacrifices.

After a couple of days hard work trying to conjure up the spirits, none came 
up because we had ordered all demons and spirits by name never to come back 
to that place being consecrated to Christ.

So those witch doctors went to complain to the government and news media. The 
government protested and publicly and intensely condemned our action through 
the media and news releases as a terrible violation of a 'sacred Voodoo High 
Place' where no Christian had been in 206 years. The US Ambassador expressed 
shock and publicly stated his disapproval.


God gave Pastor Eddy and myself His power to stand strong before the 
government to defend our rights as Christians to set the country free from 
evil spirits. The media really got into it and made it big. They called on me 
day and night for interviews, short and long ones (10 minutes up to two 
hours). By the grace of God and His mighty power, the government changed its 
position towards us by officially accepting, recognising, and declaring our 
legitimate legal right as Haitians to hold meetings in Bois-Caiman and all 
other historical sites in Haiti.

In order to show their approval the government now signs and gives 
authorisation to all church groups that want to hold services in Bois-Caiman. 
It has already become a popular place. Christian groups from all over the 
country are going there. The Christians in the area come daily for prayer and 
fasting. All Haitians now know that Hiati is no longer under any contract 
with satan. The contract is canceled, the curse is broken. Praise God for His 
great victory!

The other churches that were against us for fear of persecution are now 
coming to join our efforts for God. Many missionaries have started helping 
too. Praise God!

Already people visiting Haiti testify to a fresh atmosphere in the country. 
The heaviness has been lifted up. God is going to completely change this 
country spiritually, economically, and socially. We now call it Haiti G. C. 
(God's Country)! Be encouraged with us and keep praying.


Nice, huh?

By the way, for more information on the topic, see The VODOU Page, under the 
Vodou and Haitian Politics section there are two English-language 
translations of AHP articles and one reprint of a Haiti Progres article.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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