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#2755: job announcement (fwd)

From: David Diggs <dadiggs@bellatlantic.net>

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Job Announcement:

Fondasyon LimyŤ Lavi is a Haitian foundation that promotes education reform
in Haiti and supports the work of grassroots Haitian organizations involved
in alternative education and literacy training. We provide funding, teacher
training, organizational capacity building, and other forms of technical
support to local Haitian organizations, with the aim of helping them build
and manage successful and self-sustaining education initiatives. We are an
Ecumenical Christian organization, but support the work of organizations and
individuals in Haiti without regard to their faith tradition.

We are looking to hire a new staff member with primarily administrative
responsibilities. This includes computing, office management, accounting,
and communication responsibilities.

Other responsibilities include:
* Participating in our organizational planning process,
* Supporting LimyŤ Lavi programs according to interest, ability, and
* Communicating LimyŤ Lavi's mission, philosophy and activities with others,
and cooperating with other staff members in fund raising efforts.

* Candidates should support LimyŤ Lavi's mission and philosophy, have a
strong personal commitment to social and economic justice, and be willing to
work in a non-hierarchical, consensus-based organization.
* Candidates should have a strong proficiency in Haitian Creole and English
(speaking, writing and reading) and a basic understanding of Haitian
culture. French is also very helpful.
* Candidates must be skilled in the use of word processing, accounting, and
spreadsheet programs (Word, Excel, Quickbooks). More advanced computer
skills and Web site design experience will be a major plus.
* Candidates should have at least one year's experience working in Haiti and
have a willingness to make a commitment of service of at least two years to
LimyŤ Lavi.
* It would be helpful if candidates have some working knowledge in
accounting and some experience in office management.
* Candidates need to be willing to travel to the Haitian countryside

Haitian Americans are encouraged to apply.

LimyŤ Lavi salaries are based on a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity in
solidarity with the poor. Employees receive a small salary, health
insurance, and a small monthly contribution to a pension fund.

LimyŤ Lavi works in partnership with Beyond Borders, our sister organization
in the United States.

Please send your rťsumť and a letter explaining your interest in this job as
soon as possible (but no later than March 21, 2000) to the following e-mail


Feel free to phone with questions to:
Haiti-(011-509) 246-1739 or 510-7340,
or 202-686-2088 (in the USA).