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#2761: Student Wants to Volunteer! (fwd)

From: Jennie Smith <jsmith@odin.berry.edu>

Dear Corbetters,

[Please reply directly to Jennie Smith, not to the list.  Thanks.]

I have a wonderful student here at Berry College in Georgia who would 
like to do some volunteer work in Haiti this summer.  She hopes to 
spend around 4-6 weeks there.  Although she does not speak Creole, 
she is a wonderfully responsible person and has a lot to offer.  She 
is a sophomore sociology major and is now volunteering in a tutorial 
program.  Her airfare and some other expenses will be covered by 

If you are doing good work and are looking for a good person to help 
you out, please let me know!

Mesi anpil/Thanks lots,
Jennie Smith
Jennie Smith
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Berry College
495010 Mt. Berry Station
Mt. Berry, GA 30149-5010
tel: 706-802-6730