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#2765: Two articles on Haiti (fwd)

From: Elizabeth McAlister <emcalister@mail.wesleyan.edu>

[Please note:  The articles are NOT on-line.  Please don't both
Elizabeth for the url.  There is none.  They are in magazines and
you have to get them from the library (a place where they keep hard
copy books and other old fashion stuff).  Bob,]

These two articles were published on Haiti this week.  I am forwarding the
citations to the list, in case anybody is interested.  One can find the
articles through a good library.
>JT The christian century
>DA MAR 01 2000 v 117 n 7
>PG 227
>TI Haiti in extremis.
>SU Disillusioned with democracy

>JT People weekly.
>DA MAR 06 2000 v 53 n 9
>PG 110
>TI Heroes.
>SU A former Playboy model, Susan Krabacher discovered her real vocation in
>   feeding and housing abandoned children in Haiti.

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