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#2769: Missioners: Fonda replies to Grey

From: Dave Fonda <fonphoto@snip.net>

>How about you do something REALLY significant, like adressing the policies of 
>the American government which result in so many beloved dying babies?
>Peace and love,

There is no need for flip, off-hand remarks resulting in personal attacks.  What Sara does IS really significant and makes a significant difference in many lives.  And, do you know for a fact that she, or any of the other people doing this valuable work, donıt also address the political issues as well?  

Exactly what we do is less important than that we, in fact, do something.  And each of us have different strengths or areas of interest, or callings if you like.  People ask me why I donıt work to address the many problems closer to home, in my own backyard.  I ask them why they limit their backyard to what they can see from their front door, but I donıt criticize them for not working in the manner that Iıve chosen to work.

There is a great deal of very valuable work being done in Haiti, and many other needy places in the world, by mission groups.  These groups have made a major difference in many peoples lives.  But there has also been more evil done in this world in the name of mission, or religion, than any other cause in history.  Religion makes a very easy shield to hide behind, and the conviction that one is doing *the Lordıs work* can be intoxicating.  The key is doing the work with honest motivations and in treating the people youıre helping with respect, not pity.  To reach out, not down.

Letıs not criticize each other for reaching out.  And let us watch that we donıt, ourselves, reach down.

R E S P E C T;

     Dave Fonda

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