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#2776: In reference to your post # 2763 (fwd)


>From Max Beauvoir

    Dear Sir,

    I was informed once again that you have been publishing Ms. Grey's post 
who never ceased defaming my character by publishing outright lies about me. 
I have been told that she uses the internet as a tool for crusading against 
me and against many other bona fide Haitian Hougans and Mambos.

    I consider her attitude a perversion unfitting the one of any true Mambo.

    I do not know this person who I have never met nor does she know me 

    She seems to base her opinion on a book published by Amy Wilentz to whom 
I gave an unsolicited interview many years ago in Haiti. I am a 
biochemist/Houngan and I have never stated to her nor to anybody to be 
able to 
cure AIDS. Like most reporters, Ms. Wilentz probably taped her interviews and 
I defy her to produce any proof of such allegation.
    During my thirty years as a Houngan, I have TREATED scores of AIDS 
patients trying to alleviate their sufferings but I have never pretended, in 
private or in public, having cured anyone of those, even though I may have 
stated that some of them are still alive after more than a dozen years.

    In the same lines of lies, she pretends that I have many wives who live 
in my house... she even critize my initiation methods pretending that I gave 
a asson over a week end to someone that she claims to have met in the market 
place who gave her her calling card but she is unable to give her name ... 
etc,  all these allegations and more are totally unfounded and of her own 

    As far as fee for the services rendered to the Aid's patients is 
concerned, Ms. Grey also known as Racine San But, cannot know that I have 
never charged any of my AIDS clients. They were mostly poor Haitians with no 
means to pay. 
    I do not comprehend Ms. Grey's attacks which only denote ambitions and 
the total lack of understanding that one reaches with maturity and hard work, 
and never gratuitously at the expense of others.     

    It is needless to say that I have had a very difficult time to understand 
how you keep publishing such incoherence and unverified accusations. 

    I wish you would be fair enough to publish my letter on your list even 
though my work schedule has not permitted me to participate actively to your 

    I thank you beforehand and remain
    Truly yours

    Max Beauvoir