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#2778: Non-documentary Haitian films : Peck's film (fwd)

From: Ahpaly Coradin <ahpaly@hotmail.com>

I believe that the "Man By the Shore" is on video and may even be available 
at Amazon.com.

[Corbett interject:  I just checked.  No.  Amazon doesn't have it, nor
does Barnes and Noble, nor does any major video distributor whose address
I have.]

  It's certainly a "must" for any serious movie collector.  
Aside from being an excellent drama with superb performances (including the 
last performance of Toto Bissainthe, Haiti's greatest actress), it is the 
first Haitian movie that was shown commercially in US theaters.  The movie 
premiered in 1996 at two theaters in New York.  Although it wasn't a box 
office smash (artistic movies rarely are), it got great reviews and 
furthered the artisitic reputation of Raoul Peck, Haiti's foremost film 

As most of you know, Raoul was also Minister of Culture in the Preval 
government.  His book, "Monsieur le Ministre/A bout de Souffle" is a brave 
chronicle of his tenure in the Preval cabinet and is worth reading.

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