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#2783: Program in Boston, MA on Gonaives beach waste.

From: Sara Pilling <spilling@erols.com>

Aldrin Calixte from the Haitian environmental group, COHPEDA, will be
speaking about Philadelphia's ash in Gonaives at the following event in
Boston. For more information, or to contact Aldrin while he is in the
states, please email Arthur Kim at akimhls@hotmail.com. Please spread the
word to any allies in Boston.


>KENBE FEM - "Keep On Struggling"
>An Evening to Support Legal and Humanitarian Assistance for
>Street Children Living With Toxic Waste and
>Impoverished Women Raped During the Coup in Haiti
>Thursday March 16, 6:00 PM
>Ropes and Gray Room, Pound Hall, Harvard Law School
>Buffet Dinner Followed by Speakers and Live Band
>Featuring RUMBAFRICA! - Boston's premier African band.
>$12 Students  $25 Nonstudents
>RSVP with Arthur Kim, diract@law.harvard.edu, 493-9429
>6305 HLS Holmes Mail Center, Cambridge, MA 02138
>Checks payable to Direct Action
>Direct Action
>A Student Organization of Harvard Law School

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