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#2781: The Golden Mistress: More about the Haitian players from Jean-Pierre who knew them.

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

Wow! Bob, I was 18 years old and playing with a Haitian band in Acapulco
when Andre Germain told me about this film.  He was a dancer with the
Nina Mathon Blanchet Dance Troupe which was also part of a 3 month
Haitian culture Festival in Mexico.

Andre Germain was from the 50's to the 70's a brilliant dancer for the
National Dance Company  (Troupe Nationale D'Haiti) headquartered at the
Theatre de Verdure (Bi-centenaire)

Andre Narcisse was the Director of the same N.D.C.

Pierre Blain was an Opera singer who also sang Vodou music with the same
N.D.C. Without a mike, he could belt a song to be heard outside Theatre
de Verdure (it was open air then).

(There was another Pierre Blain who sang with Jazz des Jeunes, Nemours
Jean Baptiste, Murat Pierre etc...)

Now, Bob, how about trying a bit  harder to find the origin of the film?
I would be so happy to get a copy. Thanks.

Jean Jean-Pierre