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#2791: Painting by Rose-Marie Desruisseaux

David x Young <Frelgo@interport.net>

Rosemarie Desrusseau was my lover in 1961-62 when I lived at the Flamingo 
Restaurant run by the great Mme. Georgette Jean-Charles. There is a 
photograph of her on my website 

	http://www. bluuchip.com 

 we often painted together and also helped begin Galerie Des Brochettes 
in Carrefour in those years. At that time reproductions of works of art 
were very rare in Haiti-- no Picassos, Pollocks, Impressionists were to 
be found anywhere. 

Rose was one of the painters who broke through the 'primitives' archtype 
so promoted by Dewitt Peters. 

David X Young