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#2799: Michiko Tatsuno and the music of Haiti (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>


Born in Tokyo, Michiko Tatsuno started to study classical music at the early
age of 4. Although her father played the violin, it was her mother who
encouraged her to enter the TOHO Music College where she
graduated in 1970.

As a protegee of professor Fujii Sadayasu at Yamaha Jazz school, she became
familiar with jazz theory and method. Later under the umbrella of the famous
musician Kaneko Shinichi she studied composition and arrangement.

Her musical career has been particularly influenced by Bill Evans and Michel

In 1975 she recorded her first album with Otsubo Yoshitane as a pianist and

For the past 20 years Michiko has been touring all over Japan with jazz
groups such as Harada Isamu Jazz Trio, Q Ishikawa Jazz Quartet, Ogawa
Takashi Jazz Quintet,  Yamazaki Hiroshi Jazz Trio etc.

In 1995 her second album with the Fujimoto Shinobu & Emotion Quartet  was
greeted with enthusiasm and praise by most Japanese jazz critics.

In 1997 she co-founded the all woman's jazz group called "MEBIUS".

In 1998 she wrote the score and arrangement for the acclaimed musical
"Beyond the Sea". The same year she not only enjoyed performing at the
MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL but also was thrilled to meet some of her favorite
jazz artists.

On August 15, 1999, her journey into the rich and complex Haitian culture
began when she visited Haiti for the first time. The warm welcome she
received at Cafe des Arts inspired her to write "Souvenir d'Haiti"(song # 5
in CULTURE-SHOCK CD). In November 1999 she was Emeline Michel's pianist in
her Japan tour.

Her fascination for the multitude of rhythms that exist in the traditional
Haitian music led her to record the CD titled "CULTURE-SHOCK" with four
prominent world renowned Haitian musicians.

In February 2000, she recorded  in Japan a  CD with the talented Haitian Sax
player Thurgot Theodat.

This journey of dream, love and spirituality has just begun. Michiko looks
forward to strengthening a symbiotic relationship between her music and

For more information about Michiko Tatsuno and the Culture-Shock CD, visit
http://windowsonhaiti.com/sergeb.htm .

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!