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#2797: Ministre d'etat des cultes (fwd)

From: Steeve-Anthony Nicks <STEEVE-ANTHONY.NICKS@wanadoo.fr>

I am going through some letters (archives) written in the mid 1800's by
Father Tisserant concerning the Catholic mission to/in Haiti.  Tisserant
describes the change that he noticed between the Ministre d'Etat des Cultes
FERY (maybe "Tery" as I can't determine if it is a "T" or an "F" he wrote)
1844 and  the Ministre d'Etat des Cultes ARDOUIN 1845.

Thus far I have been unable to find out much information on either ministre.
I would like to have some biographical information on each man if possible.
Does anyone know of any books that describe either of these men in much

Also, each one currently involved in the Voodoo / Christianity "discussion"
should read what was being written back in the mid 19th century.  It might
shed some light on current attitudes represented in the posts I have been
reading.  Or to really stir things up how about Christophe's bringing in
English pastors to teach ENGLISH and Protestantism in the Ecole Royal?!

If we want to call names and accuse we can do so very easily.  It only gives
us the self satisfaction of being "right" which serves no one, and no cause.
I have noticed several posts that seem to be addressed to one individual and
not relevant to the group as a whole.  Please, if _we_ (myself included)
have something personal to say (attack/defense/other-wise) to one, or just a
couple of people, send it to the individual(s) involved.  Let's help Bob
keep the list running smoothly.


Steeve-Anthony NICKS