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#2810: Seven Discussion Forums On Haitian Vodou (fwd)


Discussion forums on Haitian Vodou and related topics are multiplying!  The 
following seven forums are now online.  I have included descriptions of the 
forums, provided either by the forum owner or by me.  Each forum requires a 
simple registration or subscription procedure, and then off you go.  These 
forums can provide a very good way to meet people with similar interests, ask 
questions, glean information, share ideas, and find out who else in your area 
is interested in the Vodou tradition.

Roots Without End - http://www.delphi.com/RootsWithoutEnd/start

A moderated forum for the discussion of Haitian Vodou, Haiti, and related 
topics.  Run by Mambo Racine Sans Bout, this forum enjoys participation by 
Houngans, Mambos, Lukumi practitioners, shamans, and other fascinating people.

Voodoo Energy - http://www.onelist.com/group/VoodooEnergy

A discussion and learning list for those who appreciate the energetic power 
of voudon, santeria, etc (all known as 'voodoo' on this list in order to 
welcome and celebrate all forms!). Not so much a religious forum as a study 
forum for those who see the use of voodoo as a way of connecting with, using 
and transforming the natural energies of the universe, with the potential to 
use them for good. Parallels with shamanism and other energetic forms are 
also welcomed as subjects for discussion. Not, however, a good list if you're 
looking for 'black magic', orgies, zombies, human sacrifice and other 

La Ceremonie - http://www.delphi.com/VodouChat/start

This is a forum on the topic of Vodou, run by a woman with wide ranging and 
eclectic interests, and a very positive attitude!  She describes La Ceremonie 
as a public chatroom that encourages discussions and exchange of information 
in the practices of Voodoo and African American Folk Magic.

Carrefour - http://www.onelist.com/group/Carrefour

Honor!  Carrefour is dedicated to the practice of Vodoun, Voodoo, Vodou, 
Voudoun, Vaudoun, or however you spell it!  :-)  Seekers, syncretists, 
mambos, houngans, longtime practitioners, and those who love us are all 
welcome!  No racism or other bigotry, sex chat, or harassment are allowed, 
and this is NOT anyone's mission field, but anything not forbidden is 
allowed.  Keep it real, y'all!  Ayibobo!   Keywords:  Magic, magick, New 
Orleans, Haiti 

Vodou U.K - http://www.onelist.com/group/Vodou_UK

Many people in the UK practice or are interested in Vodou (voudo, vaudu, 
voodoo, whatever...!) but struggle to get information, make contacts, develop 
a community. i am a priest of Haitian Vodou (Bon Houngan Reve We Chemen Gine) 
and as far as i know, the only white priest in the UK. Want information on 
Vodou? Want to share ideas? Talk? Debate? Commune? This is the place for 
anyone in the UK to get together - black, white, male, female, straight, gay, 
whatever - no restrictions here! i may also leading UK groups to Haiti to 
initiate if you are interested. So all of you who have suffered in the past 
from lack of outlets, resources and services in the UK - no more excuses, 
just join up!    

Aeonic Voudoo - http://www.onelist.com/group/aeonicvoudoo

This list is for users of "The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot" by Louis Martiniť 
and Sallie Ann Glassman (published by Destiny Books). It is for the serious 
discussion of Vodu, sorcery, shamanism, Witchcraft, Santeria, and the Tarot. 
You must own and be using this deck in order to participate in this list. 
Please state when you join that you have the deck in question. 

Candomble - http://www.onelist.com/group/Candomble

Alafia! Candomble is a list for the discussion of the Brazilian branch of 
Orisha worship. "Off-topic" discussions of other branches such as Palo, 
Lukumi, Santeria, Vodou, hoodoo, and Yoruban Ifa Orisa are welcome, however. 
Please be respectful of the differences that may occur between people. Ashe!

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

The VODOU Page - <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/racine125/index.html">http://