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#2818: Re Polish presence in Haiti: Young replies

From: David x Young <Frelgo@interport.net>

Many years ago---1980 to be exact-- I visited Cazale researching for a
screenplay I was writing on the adventures of the Marine Faustin Wirkus--- the
RWACONGO of La Gonave, who at one time had a blond-haired, blue-eyed girlfriend
from Cazale. Almost hard to believe, but some of them were still there, quite
beautiful. Not long after,  news reports came of viscious actions by the chef
de section of Cazale upon the locals, which I found even harder to believe. I
had met and talked with chef myself, and had photographed him. He was a very
gentle soul, who, when asked what he knew of the history of the polish fighters
beginning in that area, said  " I do not believe there is such a place as

David X Young