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#2851: MOH Health Policy (fwd)

From: Marie Petit-Michel <mpetit_michel@yahoo.com>

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I am a graduate student pursuing a joint degree
MA/MPH.  This is a masters in International
development studies and a masters in public health.  I
am currently looking for some written health policy
that shows the position of the Ministry of Health in

I have researched USAID population, health, and
nutrition publications, but this only gives me more
information on what USAID is doing to bolster the
health sector in Haiti.  This information though
helpful is not what I am looking for.

Development organizations can not enter a country
without first knowing that countries health policy if
it hopes to work within the health sector.  I am
looking for the Haitian Ministry Of Health's current
health sector policy which describes the priorities
that the Haitian government has set for itself in
terms of public health.  I believe such a document
exists without the influence of health priorities
imposed on Haiti by the international health

If the current policy of the MOH is the same as the
health policy priorities set by USAID and the
international community, then I will search for yet
older and older health policy from the Haitian MOH.

Is this policy something that the Haitian embassy is
likely to have on file? 

Marie Petit-Michel, Masters Candidate
International Development Studies/Public Health 
Elliott School of International Studies,
George Washington University
(301) 986-9207

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