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2849: Public function in Ayiti : Gill comments


as i understand it, public salaries are actually quite low in
Haiti.....those who became "rich" by holding office did not do so thru
scrupulous means....

it might be helpful for those interested to delve into political change in
Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brasil for an understanding of what is occuring
in Haiti.....in that all these countries have had their traditional power
structures (military and political/economic class) challenged........the
process of change brings out all sorts of characters and groups, some
legitimate, some not......

plus, one will note that these countries are still in a process of
change.......Haiti has hardly gotten started.......the real question, at
least to me, is whether change can continue or whether a reversal will

i am not so sure as to which way things will go yet........

mark gill
  Envoy to Caribbean - International Association
     of Educators for World Peace - NGO-United Nations
  Albert Schweitzer Society, International  (Munich, Germany)
  Caribbean College (Trinidad, WI)