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#2870: Reparations from France: Auguste replies to Barnes


Key words: Legal standing, standing, reparations, France.

Dear J. Barnes:
Prior to finding the specials lawyers or Human rights groups, one issue to be 
resolved is the "legal standing" issue. Haitians cannot sue France just 
because they are Haitians. The reparation money was paid to France by the 
established Haitian government of Boyer and any related lawsuit for the 
return of the funds would have to be started by the current Haitian 
government on behalf of Haiti. 

Considering that Haiti's current and past governments could not even pursue 
to its end the dispute regarding La Navase, said dispute/dialogue having been 
abandoned by Haiti in the late 1800, and , to my knowledge, Haiti having 
never started a lawsuit at the World Court in Hague or any other court for 
the return of La Navase; and having never started any suit regarding the 
besmirchment by the CDC of all Haitians and of Haiti re: HIV/AIDS; and having 
never requested special international status from the World Bank and IMF as 
an extremely poor country for the forgiveness of Haiti's national 
debt.......why would Haitians be confident now that any such government would 
go after France for the return of the ransom paid by Boyer. 

Haitians at large and Human rights groups could start making some noise on 
the issue but the party with legal standing would have to have the necessary 
backbone to initiate the legal proceedings and eventually bring the matter to 
a conclusion in a court of law.

Having said all that I would be very happy to find out that I am wrong on 
this issue of legal standing, but.........

Jean-Robert B. Auguste