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#2877: Reparations from France (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>


It is interesting to see this question being raised on the list. Those of 
you who can read Kreyol and followed "Koze Nef tankou Ze Fre"
are aware that the current Haitian government was actually challenged to 
take on the french government precisely on this issue while the leaders of 
"Frankofoli" were meeting for wine and cheese in Moncton, Canada, last 

For your information, I did the summary calculations for the French 
zenglendo ransom debt and it amounts to no less than $2 BILLION U.S. (at 

And yes, the return of the zenglendo ransom is an altogether different issue 
than that of reparations for African racial slavery. Let us not even dare 
speculate how much money is owed by Europe to Ayiti, Jamaica, Dahomey....for 
the enslavement of the Wolof, the Ibo, the Kotokoli...and the 
underdevelopment of KMT "Land of the Blacks" or Africa.

The world has turned up side dowm. Those who stole are now considering 
whether they ought to "forgive" the debt of those from whom they stole.

No, the european king of the Vatican did not say anything about us and 
neither should people of Ayiti, Boriken (Puerto Rico), Dahomey... sit and 
morn the fact that he did not give us empty hypocritical apologies for 
premeditated genocide.

So there yo Gou: Chirac says Ayiti was never a french colony. And I suppose 
Napoleon built the pyramids of Khufu. Amen!

"Desyčk-an-syčk je včt vin pi akrčk!" - Si - Beethova Obas

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