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#2909: Protest of police murder attacked by NYPD (fwd)



March 18, 2000

For Immediate Release

Peaceful protesters denouncing the police killing of an unarmed Haitian man,
 25-year-old Patrick Dorismond, on March 16 were attacked and arrested just
blocks from the site of the murder in Midtown Manhattan.  More than a
thousand people participated.  Six people were arrested at a clash in front of

As they chanted “NYPD murders again” and “Justice for Patrick Dorismond”
  the demonstrators wound their way from the Wanaka Lounge at 37th St.
and   8th Ave. through the Times Square area and concluded with a rally at
Herald   Square at 34th St. and Broadway.

“People were angry and fed up with the epidemic of police murder and were
demanding that the killer cops be punished for this cold-blooded and
unprovoked execution of this Haitian worker.  It is clear that the mobilization
that followed the killing of Amadou Diallo and Malcolm Ferguson were not  
enough to prevent this latest tragedy.  Only a major increase in the level of
organizing will make a difference,” said Ray Laforest of Haitian Mobilization
to Defend Immigrants’ Rights.

“As we marched through the streets, the demonstration grew in size as
friendly passers-by joined the procession.  It was at Herald Square that the
police carried out the arrests of demonstrators, including a Black woman  
lawyer who functioned as one of our legal observers,” noted Monica
Moorehead of the Millions for Mumia/International Action Center.

“The verdict exonerating the killer cops who fired 41 shots at Amadou Diallo
 was interpreted as a license to kill by the rest of the NYPD.  Patrick
Dorismond was murdered when undercover police officers posing as drug
dealers tried to entrap him into buying drugs and he refused.  They never 
identified themselves.  And his co-workers and eyewitnesses only learned  
that these murderers were police officers hours after the incident.”

Larry Holmes of Millions for Millions asserted that the Giulianni
administration, far from expressing remorse or regret over this latest police
killing, immediately justified it in the mass media.  “There is a kind of death
squad government that now exists in New York City.  Forty thousand police 
function as an occupation army in the Black and Latino communities and
they have been given permission to become judge, jury and executioner.” 

Holmes said that the struggle against police brutality and police murder, as
well as the racist death penalty, will intensify with more demonstrations and
other protests in the coming months.  “On May 7th, thousands of people will
  gather at the Madison Square Garden Theater to demand that Mumia Abu-
Jamal and other victims of police brutality receive justice.  Mumia needs a
new trial.  We will be joined by well known celebrities and religious and 
community leaders.  Because this venue is in New York City, it will also  
become a major event to expose the rampant police brutality and police
misconduct that hangs as a shadow over New York City.”

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