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#2915: Haitians and the U.S Census (fwd)

From: Marie Petit-Michel <mpetit_michel@yahoo.com>

I agree with this message and I am passing it along
into Corbetland.  

This is regarding the fact that, as written, the
Census 2000 will not allow a count of Haitian
population living in the US.  This person is
suggesting a way to be counted.  I'd suggest that you
read & consider it.

I just filled the official form for the United States
Census 2000. Unfortunately, the lay out of the
questions will not allow for a count of the Haitian
population living in the US. This information is of
fundamental mportance for Haiti and for the Haitian
community in this country.  I am sure that
organizations such as yours could probably play a
role in sensitizing the Haitian media and other key
entities/institutions that target our community to get
the word out about this unique opportunity.  As for
myself, I crossed the third segment of Question 8 
( Some other race - Print race) and I wrote down
CARIBBEAN - HAITIAN. Looks like nationality and race
mean the same thing here.... It seems that some
churches in the D.C.  area  have been spreading the
word to the community. Maybe the same thing is going
on in other places. At any rate, I believe that a
systematic effort to raise awareness about the issue
among our people would make a lot of sense.

--- Robert Corbett <bcorbett@netcom.com> wrote:
> From:Nlbo@aol.com
> Dear Haitian or Haitian - American Corbett Friends,
> As I filled out the U.S Census form, it came to mind
> that Haitians or Haitian 
> decents should indicate in the area where it says
> "some other race" that they 
> are Haitian. As one may notice, in the Hispanic
> section, they have Cuban, 
> Mexican, Puerto Rican. In the Asian, they have
> Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean 
> and so on. We Haitian should say Haitian.
> I think all the networks, be it radio, TV, or
> newspapers and also the 
> churches should echo this suggestion to their
> patrons.
> It is about time that we are counted and officially
> viewed as Haitian, or 
> Haitian-American not Afro or African-American. If
> there are other non 
> African-American in Corbetland, they should indicate
> their nationality and 
> encourage their community to do so also when they
> fill out their form.
> How do Haitians feel about this idea? 
> Nekita

Marie Petit-Michel, Masters Candidate
International Development Studies/Public Health 
Elliott School of International Studies,
George Washington University
(301) 986-9207

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