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#2917: OLD HOME MOVIES (fwd)

From: David x Young <Frelgo@interport.net>

About twenty years ago the advertising firm of Kauffman-Maraffi had the
tourist account for Haiti. Turns out Kauffman was an alumni of mine and
so   I  approached them  with the offer of my long experience in Haiti.
It was a very juicy steak dinner and a long picking of brains and after
that  they refused to return my phone calls. ah, New York, New York!  I
did manage to convince them that voudon should not be ignored in any
presentation of Haiti, and they devised the rather coy "Spellbinders"
buzzword to sell the country. As luck would have it, their first big
expensive spread was in TIME magazine which had a cover of dead Haitian
bodies washed ashore off Florida. Ernest Bennet had begun his own
'spellbinding'. Cookie crumbled and all that. Enough, however---what is
important is that the firm got a lot of old 16mm home movies of Haiti
from the thirties and
forties--- perhaps even the twenties--- which is invaluable stuff---
they had it transferred to videotape--- the film came from some of the
older elite families of course. Last time I inquired, the material was
either lost or 'not available'--- it must be priceless stuff. I have
some Marine footage from the 20s which is historically fascinating.
Anyone have any ideas about whereabouts of this other footage?

David X Young