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#2923: Medical mission trip to Baudin,Haiti (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Boden is located in south eastern Ayiti.

To go there you take the paved road to Jacmel. Upon arrival at Kafou Mache 
Sentetyèn (St. Étienne) - after climbing a couple of the steep hills, take 
the dirt road towards Twen (Trouin). Continue on on to Grann kolin, Meyè and 
go on to the town of Boden (Beauden). The closest city is that of Benè 

This are is very nice and quiet. I know an Episcopalian priest in Grann 
kolin who does excellent community work in the area (including his mission 
in Boden. His name is Father Wifrid Joseph.



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From: Robert Corbett <bcorbett@netcom.com>
To: Haiti mailing list <haiti@lists.webster.edu>
Subject: #2908:  Medical mission trip to Baudin,Haiti (fwd)
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 20:21:26 -0800 (PST)

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sylvania.sev.org>

The son and daughter-in-law of a friend of mine recently took part in a
medical mission trip to Baudin, Haiti.  While reading their journal, I
noted that they took a side "sight seeing" trip to Jacmel and went to
"Basin Bleu".  Baudin is a small village in the mountains, probably near
Jacmel.  Obviously it's too small to be found on any of the maps I've
reviewed.  I'm curious as to the exact location of Baudin and would
appreciate it if anyone on the least could possibly give me directions
so I can see if it's near any of the project sites where I've been
Bruce Wharram

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