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#2936: Haitians and U.S. Census (fwd)

From: Rachel <firenxtime@yahoo.com>

While I agree that if ethnicity is to be counted we
ought to declare boldly our heritage, I do not agree
that the "other "box" in the race section is the
place. The Haitian diaspora is part of a greater
black/Caribbean/African Diaspora. Now is not the time
for separatism. I received the short from of the
Census, so I cannot speak for the long form. It is a
very tricky thing. They ask whether you are latino,
and then they ask your race. Most of us (and I did
unknowingly) will check no, we are not Latino and move
on. I have just seen that there is an "other" box in
this "Latino/Hispanic" section. I have been told that
this is the place to enter "Haitian". Very Misleading.
Still, this is a problem with the census creators'
idea of counting ethnicity. Haitian is a nationality,
a culture, an ethncity, it is not a race. After all,
we are recognized to be members of the first Black



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