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#2960: What does insecurity mean to haitians? Ruckle replies

From: James R. Ruckle <jruckle@citynet.net>

    When I was in Haiti (1987), the burning of tires and the blockades
were organized and civilized. Tires were burned to block traffic, not
to inflict damage, and the smashing of cars was staged by the New York
Times. My mission "ran" one of the blockades just by driving up and
asking permission; Haitians respect priests (sometimes too much). They
may have stolen the tires, but other than that, it was a protest
Ghandi would have approved of. I am proud to be associated with the
people of Haiti and I think they deserve better than a life based on
fear, both politically and religiously.
James R. Ruckle
"Defeat the enmity, not the enemy."