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#2962: Chirac, a non-Haitian View (Antoine comments) (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

> What remains to the later generations is the fact that
>"Haiti has never been a French colony", why?  It is officially
>recorded in French archives.  Will that be OK?  Contrary
>to Guy's comments, I have studied the History of Haiti from
>French side how little they reveal the truth, and whenever
>I talked with any French here, they all responded that they did
>the right thing by colonizing.  

Contrary to Guy's comments.... what comments, please?
I have said a lot.  Since my comments are called into question
on this public forum, I am entitled to know which comments
of mine are being discussed.  This could easily be interpreted
as "Guy thinks it's okay that Chirac says that Haiti has never
been a colony of France".  Just because I am discussing
nuances of thought, this should not be interpreted as a defense
of whatever Chirac might have said.  Otherwise, I might as well 
stay silent, and never offer an opinion that is not politically correct.
Please analyze the context of my entire message.

The fact that "all the French people" there have told you
"that they did the right thing by colonizing" would betray
their arrogance, but not an intention to deceive about
the fact that they DID colonize, wouldn't you say?  It's like
saying to the jury: "I was absolutely RIGHT to go and hold 
up this bank, and take their money."  Would NOT sound 
like denial to me... though it would in no way enhance your
chances of being found innocent.

Please hear this...  I was told while I was growing up by
sources similar to yours that the Haitian heroes of our
war of independence were now burning in hell...  I was
told that Las Casas was a Saint-like figure whose great
humanity persuaded him to argue in favor of the trade of
African men (were they even considered so?) in order
to save the remaining Indians.  I was told that Christopher
Columbus was someone that should be revered by Haitians.
I was told that Vodou priests routinely fed the sacred host 
to their snakes, and that one of them drowned in the blood
of Christ that filled up the room he was in after he had 
nailed the sacred host to the wall in a gesture of hate.  I
was told a great deal of lies.  Don't think that I am not hip
to them.  Don't think that I am that naive.

But what exactly does the RUSH to judgment buy us?
Why can't we reserve our fire for just a little bit, until
the other side has had the chance to either clarify the
statement or to further put his foot in his mouth?  Or
would it be preferable never to hear ANYTHING that
might go contrary to our expectations of the truth?

We have much more urgent problems than this... such
as the Mayor of New York defending his action to smear
the reputation of Patrick Dorismond, in another flagrant
case of police brutality.  I am willing to wait for the answer
of your request to the French Presidential Palace.  Thank
you very much for doing so.  Which e-mail address did
you use?  Please tell us about any response.

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!