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#2965: another comment on Chirac and the flag from Perrault. Corbett adds on flag.

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>

You know it amazes me how time we spend TALKING (writing) and not doing anything:
Someone should approach Mr. Chirac again and ask the simple question:

Was Haiti a french colony yes or no?
If the answer is YES, then he can keep the money that we paid him, 

If the answer is NO, then we want the money back, with interest.
If he does recall Haiti ever paying, then we should have amnesia for all the money
that was sent to Haiti during the Duvalier years, actually Haiti never received money
during the Duvalier years, if money was sent, then they should go ask him.
We don't recall.

As for the BLUE and RED flag, according a british book that I read, the BLACK and RED
of Haiti is an adaptation of the BLACK and RED anarchist flag during the french revolution.

As for the BLUE and RED beign unconstitutional, myself being born under the BLACK and RED (I am showing my youth), I had a hard time with the BLUE and RED of 1986, I have never seen that flag before, but I have come to accept it:

It is the flag that has flown the longest on Haitian sole
It is more unifying, since the BLACK and RED recalls bad memories from Duvalier years
It make more sense for the colors to be horizontal (look well at the coat of arms)

PS: anyone who needs a BLACK and RED, I'Golberg in Philly still sell them as the
flag of Haiti.

Ange R. Perrault, Ph.D.

Corbett adds:  In the 1805 Constitution of Haiti (2nd, promulgated by
Desssalines), article declares:

20. The national colours shall be black and red.

The flag is not explicitly mentioned, but if the constitutions formally
names black and red as the country's colors I would expect the flag would
be too.

See whole constitution at:


Bob Corbett