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#2981: Rudy's 'Mental' In Fatal Shooting, Jackson Sez (fwd)


Rudy's 'Mental' In Fatal Shooting, Jackson Sez 
 By FRANK LOMBARDI and TARA GEORGE Daily News Staff Writers
Original Publication Date: 03/24/2000 

 The Rev. Jesse Jackson said yesterday that Mayor Giuliani's response to
the police shooting of Patrick  Dorismond "is not just meanness, it's
mental" amid widening criticism of the mayor by some of his longtime   
political foes. The Rev. Al Sharpton, newly released from jail, later
chimed in, saying Giuliani "borders on needing therapy." City Controller
Alan Hevesi denounced the mayor for releasing Dorismond's sealed
juvenile record, calling the   move a "smear," "inhuman" and "absolutely
despicable and  ugly."  The mayor was unavailable for comment, but he
has  previously called such criticism the work of political          
opportunists trying to derail his Senate run. He has defended         
his release of Dorismond's juvenile record. Sunny Mindel, the mayor's
press secretary, said, "It just  sounds like Hevesi is spinning out of
control with  name-calling." Of Jackson, Mindel said, "I guess Jesse
Jackson is the latest person to sign on to the political pile-on     
team being captained by Al Sharpton in the name of Hillary Clinton."
Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) also weighed in, saying Giuliani
should take a vacation immediately because the city needs a "clearheaded
mayor with the ability to handle anxiety and stress without overreacting
and lashing out." Dorismond was shot dead last week in midtown Manhattan
after he rebuffed an undercover cop trying to purchase drugs in a
buy-and-bust operation and a scuffle ensued. He was unarmed.In another
development, NYPD officials said funds for the Operation Condor
anti-drug initiative will be diverted from undercover drug enforcement
efforts this weekend to pay for the overtime of uniformed officers who
may be needed for  crowd control at Dorismond's funeral. With John
Marzulli and Richard Weir