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3000 messages: some statistical data (fwd)

Messages #	began		ended		# days  # per day

1-1000      June 24, 1999	Nov. 18, 1999	 114        8.77

1001-2000   Nov. 19, 1999	Jan. 25, 2000	  68       14.7

2001-3000   Jan. 25, 2000	March 26, 2000	  61       16.39	

This e-mail list began in 1994, early summer.  I don't remember when,
with about a 1/2 dozen to a dozen people.  Anyone out there in that
original number have any better data on that?

I didn't begin to number the posts until I switched to the Webster U.
server on June 24, 1999.  There were roughly 5 years, 1825 days in which
I sent out unnumbered messages.  Given even an average of 7 a day, which
I think is probably quite low, that would be another 13,000 messages
which have disappeared into cyber-space.

I know that Webster U. has promised us a searchable archive, and the
current 3003 messages should be in it.  I don't know what the hold
up is, but it seems not yet ready.  I'll give you a progress report
when I can.

Bob Corbett