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#3006: More on Haitian forts

From: Perdue and Persinos <vtandwi@erols.com>

There are also other forts that are well kept secrets.  Several years ago I had
the good fortune to take a trip by helicopter from Cap Haitien to Fort Riviere
which is well known.  I was taken by a geologist who had visited many mountain
tops in northern Haiti, and knew the territory.  Enroute to Riviere we passed
over what I am told is called the "New Fort".  It was quite impressive.  After
visiting Riviere, we stopped at Fort Salnave which is on the top of the
mountaiun of the same name.  It was a small fort and rather crudely built.  I am
no authority on Haitian history but it is my understanding there are any number
of old forts on the mountain tops built by the Haitians in case the French
returned.  They would destroy everything in the lowlands and retreat to these
mountain-top forts.  Fort Salnave and New Fort do not appear on any maps I have
seen and I have seen no reference to them in the litetrature but they are
there.    If anyone is interested I have the GPS locations.

Bob Perdue

Robert Corbett wrote:

> From:JRAuguste1@aol.com
> Keyword: Marchand Dessalines, Historical forts. Historical sites. Military
> constructions.
> While heading north from Port-au-Prince.
> After you leave Saint Marc and before Gonaives, take to the right the road
> heading to Marchand Dessalines. Prior to entering Marchand Dessalines you
> will see on both sides of the road on mountain tops, forts constructed by
> Dessalines to protect the approach to the town where he resided. The forts
> are in ruin but worth the sight. Ask questions about them from the people in
> the area. Those forts seemed to be well kept secrets of Haitian history.
> J-R. B. Auguste