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#3037: Haiti Protests Enter Second Day (fwd)


Tuesday March 28 6:05 PM ET 
 Haiti Protests Enter Second Day

 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) - Rock-throwing demonstrators blocked
traffic for a second day Tuesday in protest against the electoral
council's decision to schedule long-delayed elections against the wishes
of President Rene Preval.The small groups of protesters set up
flaming-tire barricades on two main streets in Port-au-Prince, stopping
rush-hour morning traffic, breaking the windows of passing vehicles   
and burning street vendors' stalls. On Monday, machete-wielding
protesters reportedly killed four people along the city's seaside
 boulevard, including the head of a voter registration office, witnesses
said. The demonstrators also had blocked traffic and set fire to booths
at an open-air market.The protesters have been demanding the resignation
of the electoral council, which scheduled voting in two rounds of local
and legislative elections for April 9 and May  21. Preval is contesting
the council's authority, charging the dates were invalid since he had
not published them in an executive order. It is unsure when balloting
will be held. The protesters have identified themselves as supporters of
former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who will seek to return to
power in December elections.