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#3046: On the true meaning of Ayitian flags : Perrault comments

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>


I enjoyed the history lesson, but I already knew all these facts:

Yes, the black and the Red in the constiutional flag of 1805.
I understand your position, but you also need to understand other historical

The Blue and Red was reinstated since Petion, and for more than a century,
it flew over the Haitian soil. The Black and Red was reinstated with Duvalier
and in 1986 the Blue and Red was returned.

Adviously the issue is:  Why was the flag changed in 1986?
For the simple reason that it was the flag before Duvalier.

The issue is not one flag is better than the other, but that the flags of the
independence or 1805 should be allowed to be flown on Haitian Soil.

Ange R. Perrault, Ph.D.