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#3049: Valenzuela/Steinberg Press Statement on Haiti (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Press Statement, U.S. embassy in Haiti, March 22, 2000.
Visit of Special Assistant to the President Dr. Arturo
Valenzuela and Special Haiti Coordinator Donald Steinberg.

Special Assistant to President Clinton Dr. Arturo
Valenzuela and Special Haiti Coordinator Donald
Steinberg have completed their two-day visit to
Haiti,where they met with President Préval, the
Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), political party
leaders, and representatives of business
and civil society.

They expressed the Clinton Administration's
deepest concern over the continued failure of
Haitian authorities to agree to a definitive date
for legislative and local elections. They stressed
the importance of holding these elections rapidly,
in order to seat the Parliament by the
constitutionally mandated date of June 12.

"It is time for the Government of Haiti to publish
a new date for elections, and to lend full financial,
logistical and security support to the Provisional
Electoral Council (CEP) to insure that that date is
met," said Dr. Valenzuela. "Failure to constitute a
legitimate Parliament risks isolating Haiti from the
community of democracies and jeopardizes
future cooperation."

Finally, they condemned those elements of Haitian
society who are using tactics of violence, intimidation
and harassment to derail the consolidation of Haitian
democracy through prompt and credible elections.