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3053: Dorismond funeral Video wanted (fwd)

From: mike connor <mike@oddcast.com

[please reply directly to Mike Connor at his address above]

Wanted:  footage from the funeral procession for Patrick Dorismond
last weekend.

Dorismond was shot and killed a couple weeks ago by an undercover
NYPD who approached him about where to buy some weed.

If you have footge of the funeral procession and would like to
contribute to a documentary about the slew of  'accidents' involving
the NYPD underover cops, please contact me immediately.

The documentary  is being put together by the Witness Program and
Oddcast (http://www.oddcast.com/witness)
Witness is a human rights group started by Peter Gabriel.  Their
mission is to distribute video cameras to people around the world so
that they can document abuses and atrocities in their villages and

http://www.oddcast.com is Quicktime Channel that host and produces a
range of content of an independent nature.  BTW,  Dorismond was
killed one block form our work place on 8th Avenue between 37th-38th

We will give you credit for and footage we use.

Please pass the message on.
Mike Connor
permanent email : mikec@pobox.com
homesite - http://pobox.com/~mikec

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