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#3068: Recommended csmonitor.com article : Gill replies


seems like today the phrases that are used to describe Haiti, such as
"poorest country in the western hemisphere" are becoming longer, much
longer, such as this article in the Christian Science Moniter......

a rehash of rehashes........i mean, one does tire of hearing how the US
"mission" did not change Haiti from, to use an oft quoted "phrase", a
repressive dictatorship to a sparkling, modern and completely efficient and
squeaky clean "democracy" a la the US model in something like 5 years......

now, just tell me who, if they are in their right mind, would assume that
such a transformation would take place?  plus, let us not forget that many
do not want a transformation, and some want a certain kind of change while
others want something else, and most probably have no idea what they want,
for their wants have held little sway during the last 500 years.......

i mean, it was such a lovely day, not too far from Bob Corbett's hometown,
till i made the mistake of reading this article.....now, i must repair to
the verandah and regain the beauty of the day......before it rains
again.....right Bob?
mark gill
  Envoy to Caribbean - International Association
     of Educators for World Peace - NGO-United Nations
  Albert Schweitzer Society, International  (Munich, Germany)
  Caribbean College (Trinidad, WI)