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#3083: Re: Dorismond Funeral :Karshan comments (fwd)


Lois Wilkins stated that "A Senator Guiliani would be a nightmare for the 
Haitian communities of New York--from Brooklyn to Spring Valley to Nassau 
County, etc."  I want to add that it would also be a nightmare for Haiti as 
well if Guiliani became a Senator.  He would be dealing on an international 
level and you can only imagine which committees he'd want to sit on.  

I hope that Patrick Dorismond's tragic death will be the event that finally 
takes down Guiliani who has a long history of ill will to Haiti and Haitians 
and collusion with Duvalier.  
Unfortunately, Daniel may be correct in his assumption that this event is not 
hurting Guiliani statewide, and perhaps may even be increasing his 
popularity. We can only hope that Hilary Clinton has a strong campaign 
directed statewide, pointing out reasons why upstate New Yorkers should not 
vote for Guiliani.  Reasons that relate to what they care about.  I'm not 
there to know what their campaigns sound like or look like so I don't what's 
happening.  There must be a thousand reasons that upstaters can relate to 
which would persuade them not to vote for him.  I hope Hilary's team is 
pitching well because Guiliani in Senate would be a sad day for Haiti and 
Haitians as well as for everyone else.  

Has Cuomo been speaking out?  Upstaters seemed to like him.  If he isn't 
saying anything, he should be asked to.