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#3101: Haiti Presidential Adviser Shot And Killed (fwd)


Monday April 3 9:14 AM ET 

 Haiti Presidential Adviser Shot And Killed

 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) - The owner of a pro-government radio
station who acts as a special adviser to President Rene Preval was shot
and killed on his way to work early on Monday, Radio Metropole reported.
 Jean Leopold Dominique, director and owner of Radio Haiti Inter, was
fired on as he arrived at work on Delmas Street, one of the main
thoroughfares in the capital of Port-au-Prince.                         
Dominique, a longtime political activist, was taken to a hospital where
he died  shortly after the shooting, Radio Metropole said.The motive for
the shooting was unknown. The attack comes amid rising tensions       
and almost daily street demonstrations protesting the Preval
government's failure to hold elections. Preval has ruled by decree since
January 1999, when he dissolved parliament to end an 18-month political
 stalemate and installed a new prime minister and cabinet. Haiti has not
held legislative elections since a 1997 ballot was annulled because of
widespread fraud. Previously, Haiti suffered under decades of
dictatorship and foreign intervention.