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#3105: U.S. Troubled by Haitian Murder (fwd)


Monday April 3 4:18 PM ET 

 U.S. Troubled by Haitian Murder

 WASHINGTON (AP) - With Haiti's fledgling democracy at a turning point,
the State Department said Monday it is deeply troubled by the killing of
prominent Haitian radio journalist Jean Leopold Dominique. ``We urge the
government of Haiti to ensure a thorough and prompt investigation,''
spokesman James P. Rubin said. Dominique, a strong advocate of a free
press in Haiti, reportedly was shot dead by two gunmen as he arrived for
 work Monday at Radio Haiti Inter. The assailants also killed a station
worker.The attack underscored the sense of insecurity in Haiti as
officials try to organize  elections and install a new parliament.  
``There have been a number of reported threats against opposition
candidates,'' Rubin said, and a number of other disturbing events have
not been explained fully. ``From our standpoint, we believe that
credible elections can be held in April and May, in time to convene the
 new parliament by the second Monday of June, consistent with Haitian
constitutional law,'' he said. Significant further delays, he said,
would undermine the credibility of the electoral process and risk the
momentum toward an early election. ``Failure to constitute promptly a
legitimate parliament will risk isolating Haiti from the community of
democracies and jeopardize future cooperation and assistance,'' Rubin
said. He said it would be a ``great tragedy'' if Haitians were to
squander the opportunity to establish democracy after a U.S.-led
intervention in 1994 that ousted a military regime.