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#3111: OAS Haiti press release (fwd)

From: MOE OEA <oeapress@yahoo.com>

Press Release

3 April 2000

The OAS Electoral Observation Mission expresses its
outrage at the assassination this morning of the
Director of Radio Haïti-Inter, Jean Léopold Dominique
and Jean-Claude Louissaint, the radio’s janitor.  The
Mission categorically condemns this apparently
pre-meditated crime executed in cold blood and calls
on the authorities to open a serious enquiry as soon
as possible.

The Mission considers this murder, perpetrated during
the electoral campaign, a strike against freedom of
the press in Haiti, as well as against democracy.  The
Mission stresses that the authorities should shed
light on this crime as soon as possible, and those
responsible should be tried and punished. 

The Electoral Observation Mission offers its
condolences to the families of Jean Dominique and
Jean-Claude Louissaint, as well as to their colleagues
at Radio Haïti-Inter and all the Haitian press corps. 

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