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#3122: Notes from Haiti art display

From: Michele M Percy <chelep@strato.net>

Some friends and I traveled to Tampa to see the Haitian art on display at
the Tampa Museum of Art.  It was wonderful and a taste of some things you
don't get to see on just your usual trip to Haiti.  I haven't been able to
get to any of the museums while there but enjoy the colorful art and have a
number of pieces in my home, sculptures probably from oil drums, clay and
paintings.  Haitian art is distinct from any other I have ever seen.

While in Key West I ran across a shop were the owner had some wonderful
works from Haiti on display, he was in a building with a number of other
shops near Duval St.  He said he travels to Haiti several times a year and
has for a number of years.  His prices were very good and the works he had
were wonderful.  I only wish I had thought to remember his name!

Michele Percy