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#3136: Jean's murder : Dorce comments


<GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com> writes:

<< I would hope to be mistaken, but besides the eloquent statements of support
 I have read from Lois Wilken and Michelle Karshan, the untimely and unjust
 death of Patrick Dorismond has not seemed to stir the imagination of Haiti
 lovers on this list.  That could be for a number of reasons, and I do not
 intend to raise any unfair or unfounded accusation, it's just that I have to
 confess that I felt a bit strange that so few among us have spoken against
 Giuliani, to the point of making me wonder if the majority of people
 actually care.  Terrible thought!
I am weighing in with my utter dismay and disgust at the actions of both 
Giuliani and Safir, who should be removed from their jobs and the NYPD which 
should be completely overhauled.  That department needs a new culture and new 
values.  It is beyond repair as it is.  I live in California so my words are 
just cries in the dark.  But I understand what you mean, Guy, you want 
reassurance that all of us are as appalled as you are at this tragic gunning 
down of unarmed and innocent black men.  I say men because it seems to be a 
trend.  I have urged New Yorkers on the Haiti message boards and Social 
Cultural Haiti Newsgroup to get out and vote for Clinton in the senatorial 
race.  He must be stopped.  I am worried that upstate New Yorkers are content 
with Giuliani (since he looks like they do).  And although I am a Hillary 
Clinton fan, I think she is not someone a Republican could vote for easily.  
(may the bird of paradise fly up their noses!)  I not only want those police 
detectives to pay for what they did, I want the entire system changed so that 
what you look like doesn't target you for death.  Outrageous!
Guy Antoine:
As to the most disheartening loss of Jean Dominique, I am trying to recover
from the blow.  More than any other event in the last few years, this has
shaken my faith for Haiti's impending fate.  I continue to reflect and I
will elaborate more at another time.
Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of this great man.  I am 
sorry to say I didn't know of him but from what I have read, his 
assassination is a serious blow to those who love Haiti and want to see 
healthy change as he did.  But instead of being disheartened (I understand it 
is an early reaction) let us find the anger and fire that will fuel the fight 
for democracy.  I say use this death against those who wish for the status 
quo (or for the good ole Duvalier days).  Use it to redouble efforts to make 
Haiti a better place for all to live......all means including those 6 or 7 
million poor who are the heart of Haiti.  Make his death count for something 
and make them pay with the death of the old ways of corruption and greed.  
Make them wish they had never taken the life of Jean Dominique.  Maybe they 
have awakened the sleeping giant.......lord I hope so!


Kathy DorcÚ