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#3157: Jean's murder : Laleau comments


This is to join Kathy Dorce in affirming my outrage at Dorismund's death, and 
to assure Guy Antoine that I am outraged as well. I have almost run out of 
words though. If I knew how to promote a policy of "rache manyok" in New York 
City and the world at large, I would do so. But expressing outrage doesn't 
help me anymore, and "letting off steam" absolutely does no good, because I 
don't want the steam let off. I want it to coalesce into something clean and 
decisive, and convert the outrage into effective action in the world, not 
just make me feel relieved. As I don't yet see clearly what would comprise 
"right action" on a large scale, I do what I sense will be effective where I 
am. Hopefully my scope of vision and action will improve, but I am not into 
wasting energy anymore. Been there, done that.

Nancy Laleau