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#3153: U.N. chief condemns escalating violence in Hait: Morse comments

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

If the U.N. chief really wants to help Haitian people instead of 
politicians, maybe he should try to find out why Haitians are 
considered "economic refugees" rather than political refugees. Not 
enough bodies? I've mentioned this before and I will occasionally bring 
it up again. Colin Granderson and his O.A.S. mission even evacuated 
from Haiti because they were afraid for their safety. We should stop 
being so theoretical and do something directly for the Haitian people. 
Politicians will always make money and make do. The Haitian people have 
been patiently waiting on the sidelines since the departure of Duvalier 
and to this day they have received nothing. Violence is going to 
escalate whether or not we have elections. It always does when there's 
the possibility that a change in power will occur. Politics is one of 
the only ways "to get out of the ghetto" in Haiti. Make your fortune 
and change your lifestyle. Its usually not about job creation or 
stopping an ecological disaster, although there are exceptions. If the 
political ruling class wanted a parliament, wouldn't we already have 
one in Haiti? What happened to Jean Dominique is a tragedy. What 
happened to Felix Lamy (who's he?) is a tragedy.
During the coup years I had an interview at Radio Tropic and while I 
was in the waiting room I was listening to their news broadcast. I 
asked the receptionist, "Where do we go if they come up the stairs" and 
she knowingly replied without hesitation that there was a tree outside 
the second window down the hall.
Anyone who speaks out already knows whats coming, just as Jean 
Dominique and his wife did. They just don't know when. Thats the way it 
is down here. 
To Mr Dominique's family and to all his friends I express my deepest 
heartfelt sympathies...

Richard Morse