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#3169: 500 people rally in protest of journalist's killing.. (fwd)


500 people rally in protest of journalist's killing in Haiti,report says

 United Press International - April 08, 2000 07:51

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 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, April 8 (UPI) -- Some 500 demonstrators Saturday
marched more than four hours through Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital,
protesting Monday's killing of a prominent Haitian journalist, the
British Broadcasting Corp. reported.  With three days of national
mourning coming to an end, the journalist, Jean Dominique,
 will be buried in a national funeral Saturday, the BBC said. 

 Dominique, a radio broadcast journalist, was a close ally of President
Rene Preval.  His killing comes amid rising tensions and violent
protests over President Preval's failure to hold elections. Preval had
Saturday delayed parliamentary elections due this month for
 the fourth time, citing logistical difficulties such as registering new
voters and drawing up a computerized list of their names.  Preval has
ruled by decree since January of last year, when he dissolved parliament
to end months of political stalemate and installed a new prime minister
and cabinet. Haiti has not held legislative elections since a 1997
ballot was cancelled because of alleged widespread fraud.