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#3175: Jean's murder : Wilcken replies to Laleau

From: Lois E Wilcken <makandal-ny@juno.com>

Nancy Laleau's desire to "convert the outrage into effective action"
resonates for me, and it was in that spirit that I wrote my post about
the Dorismond killing (#3078).  I wasn't merely venting.  What I
suggested was that we examine exactly what we're up against so that we in
New York can defeat the Guiliani Senatorial bid.  Does his popularity, or
lack of, correspond neatly to upstate and downstate?  And why do so many
like him?   Because they're born racists?  I'd like to point out that New
York's  Rockefeller drug laws have resulted in massive incarcerations,
and the new prisons to accomodate the incarcerated have provided jobs in
impoverished areas of the state.  Law and order is good for the economy
of those places.  This is the kind of thing we need to know to develop
effective strategy.

Thank you to Michelle Karshan for pointing out that a Senator Guiliani
would have international influence.  Recalling his inciting of a police
riot at City Hall when he was a candidate in the early 90s, I fear he
would make Senator Helms look like a saint.

Lois Wilcken
La Troupe Makandal - New York City's #1 Haitian Roots Ensemble
621 Rutland Road, Brooklyn NY 11203
718-953-6638 / makandal-ny@juno.com