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#3170: Washington Office on Haiti 1995 report on Haiti Rice Corp(fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

Keywords: Washington Office on Haiti Report, American Rice International, 
Haiti Rice Corporation, USAID, Haitian rice imports, Olivier Nadal, Jesse 

A rather large document was released by Washington Office on Haiti in 1995 
regarding American Rice Incorporated and Haiti Rice Corporation. It gives 
excellent background to the drama unfolding in Washington as Senator Helms 
turns up the heat in reaction to charges recently brought by the Haitian 
government against the two companies.

Interestingly enough, Olivier Nadal, coup supporter turned democrat, is said 
to be one of the Haitian partners in Haiti Rice Corporation. Popular 
organizations in Haiti have also publicly accused Mr. Nadal of ordering a 
peasant massacre in the Artibonite in 1995 where HRC and ARI control rice 
"development projects", this in addition to the lion's share of the import 
market.  He is reported to have taken refuge in the safety of Washington and 
is giving testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a 
closed-door session chaired by Senator Helms.

The WOH document can be found at:


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