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#3172: Your recent post: Laleau replies to Morse


Dear Richard,

It's always good to read your posts. Could it be because we both saw the same 
things and came to similar conclusions??? From having been part of the OAS 
Mission, I could say a lot about their viewpoints... I had no illusions going 
in to the Mission, having already spoken with people in 1994 about the 
shortcomings of the Mission, and I can't say they were "worse" than I had 
thought... but what WAS "worse" was witnessing the amazing disparity between 
their infrastructural capabilities, and the actual output of the mission... 
it was kind of like gliding over the surface of Haiti in a very 
well-insulated SUV and rarely penetrating the reality. This is not a 
metaphor, by the way... 

Nancy Laleau